Alexis Vassilopoulos was born on 1963.

He Studied Photography & cinematography for 3 years  in Athens & granduated in 1984 with A Diploma in Photography & Cinematography from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Education.

Served the GREEK AIR FORCE as a photographer was specialized in aerophotography in TACTICAL AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS and at the GREEK PENTAGON TOP SECRET DEPT as well.

He is member of the GREEK PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION since 1987. He is a SPECIALIST in EQUESTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHY & he is also an FEI photographer on assignment .

He provides professional VIDEO services, EDITING & PRODUCTION.

He has also been photographing,marriages and baptism,music concerts, EXTREME SPORTS such as Snowboard, Kite, water skiing, barefoot, football, sailing, jet ski, concerts, social events, reports on assignment,VIP's, politicians,gossip,parties, social and architectural aspects for companies project.

Hundreds of his photos have been published to GREEK and Foreign Newspapers & Magazines. Since 1994 he has been OFFICIALLY  the Production Manager for all the Major Equestrian Events & CSIO's that took place in GREECE until 2012.

Since 1999 together with his wife Konstantina 
(which is behind the video camera and Supervisor in editing)  and a crew of Professional Cameramen , they also travel abroad to cover major Showjumping Events for their clients and the Hellenic Equestrian Federation.